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CLASS FULL: Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Contract

CLASS FULL: Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Contract

August 16, 2010 at 9:00 AM

Come learn all about the new and improved Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Residential Contract and Florida Realtors/Florida Bar “As-Is” Residential Contract. Some of the changes include larger font, only calendar days used for all time periods, new personal property section, use of term collected funds, TILA closing date extension, Seller to pay condominium and HOA estoppels fees, twenty (20) day elevation certificate period, if applicable, time period for Seller to respond to Buyer’s home inspection report, tree loss limited to pruning or removal, CDD pro-ration clause, loan commitment defined and counter-offer/rejection boxes added to just name a few. In addition, learn about the new Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Short Sale Approval Contingency Rider and other new riders. As a member of the Florida Attorney Realtor Joint Committee and part of the sub-committee that actually worked on the new contracts and riders, Ms. Horstkamp will provide an in-depth analysis of all of the changes and reasoning behind the changes.
About the instructor: Julie A. Horstkamp is an attorney with the Berlin Patten Law Firm in Sarasota. Ms. Horstkamp practices primarily in commercial and residential real estate, short sales, title insurance and lending. She has been designated by The Florida Bar as a Board Certified Real Estate Attorney. Ms. Horstkamp currently serves on the Florida Attorney Realtor Joint Committee representing the 2nd DCA as well as serving on the Sarasota Realtor Attorney Joint Committee and the Real Property Section Committee of the Sarasota County Bar Association.

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